Jose Zayas Evangelism exists to partner for community transformation through the Gospel.





We partner with local churches in cites across Uganda to present the Good News in holistic ways.  We serve in prisons, schools, hospitals, orphanages, and more.  We host large music festivals uniting people from across the city.



We partner with local churches hosting school tours and a variety of meal events to present the Good News.  We serve across England, Scotland, Estonia, and Romania.

united states

Jose serves as the Lead Pastor of 26 West Church in Portland, Oregon and speaks at festivals and conferences across the country.


Christ-Centered: Jesus is the hope of the world. Our ministry is committed to living out and promoting the personal transformation that only Jesus Christ can bring, and the advancement of His work on the earth.

Collaborative: No one organization can effectively reach a community on its own. Our strategy creates collaboration between churches, neighborhoods, schools, cities, and faith-based organizations both locally and globally.

Relevant: We seek to present the timeless Message in ways that an ever-changing culture will understand.

Relational: We do not create events or programs in isolation. We foster long-term impact by being relational, accessible, grassroots-empowering servant leaders.

Holistic: We embrace a variety of approaches to help people encounter life in Jesus Christ.

Global: We are committed to ministry models and practices that are transferable and adaptable in other countries and cultures.



Community Outreach: We partner with like-minded organizations for Jose Zayas to share the Good News at existing conferences, festivals, and events.

Global Outreach: We provide practical opportunities for people to assist in community transformation around the world through short-term trips and community development.

Global Connections: We connect individuals and organizations throughout the United States with like-minded groups in Europe and Africa for partnerships that will fuel long-term community transformation.

Music and Dance teams
Medical teams
Child sponsorships
Leadership conferences